NAIVE by Drei S. (081713)
Cara Delevingne for Love Magazine. More of my paintings/drawings here.

NAIVE by Drei S. (081713)

Cara Delevingne for Love Magazine. More of my paintings/drawings here.


Stepping out of my comfort zone last month to start working on my dreams was a surreal experience. I don’t have words to express my feelings, it was strange, nonetheless, to be in front of many people. The bright lights and the continuous camera shutter sound while walking down the runway was really nerve-racking but it was the best, magical nerve-racking moment of my life so far. 


October 4-5

Brand Festival: Mode Elle goes SM City Novaliches! And yes, this is my first ever hosting gig. Yayy! Thank you so much to the House of Mode Elle, especially to Sir Allen for this wonderful experience :)


October 16

Free hair color sponsored by Matrix Philippines! Again, this wouldn’t be possible without my new family, Mode Elle :)


October 16

PARALLAX: A 3-day photo exhibit in Sweet Ecstasy, Cubao X! This was our finals for the Photojournalism class and obviously, the black and white photos were my work which is entitled “The Soul Stinger”.


October 19

Unity in Fashion at The Elements, Eton Centris. (More photos and detailed post here.)


October 21

Mr. and Ms. Runway 2013 at the Amoranto Theater. Say hi to the brain behind House of Mode Elle, Sir Allen :D


October 23

Likha Teen Edition: A Walk for Life at Amoranto Theater. Hosted the event plus modeled for Matrix Philippines and Sir Alfie Guiday. Special thanks to Sir Niño Ramirez who designed the beautiful peplum dress I’m wearing that night.

So yeah, that’s how I spent my October!!! It is like a breath of fresh air. And once again, I was just reminded of how blessed I am. Lord, thank you! 

PS: Keep safe everyoneStay indoors, keep yourself warm and let’s not forget to pray.

Once upon a time, I was sitting in my bed with a tiny pen in my hand and a big idea in my head. “What if I’ll put up a blog and post about my paintings, photographs, outfits and random thoughts?” It felt like crazy talk. I had no idea where to begin. When I wrote my very first post, I had no idea what I was in for. I didn’t imagine it would lead me to spend a day of my summer in the Philippine Fashion Week with a bunch of famous fashion designers and bloggers. Or come across people in the fashion industry like Nina Garcia, Michael Cinco, Rajo Laurel, Allison Harvard and whatnot. Or be featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer’s 2BU Lifestyle as best street style. Or get approached by STATUS Magazine for an outfit photo. Or see my paintings, photographs and my face printed in a glossy school magazine. Or even have a job offer as an event photographer. Because of my blog, I have a place to share things that I don’t want to be forgotten. I have a place where people can come get to know me from a place of total freedom.

Today, I’m celebrating my third year. At this point, blogging has taken up a huge chunk of my free time. This ministry has changed my life. The emails I receive from strangers have changed me. The encouragement and support from my readers has changed me. The criticism I have received from other people has changed me. The writing of other bloggers in the blogosphere has changed me. I have never been more confident in my life that this is the task God prepared in advance for me to do. And like what I said before, “Improvements have been made. I’ve learned so much about my passions and my potentials. I’ve shared things I would have never thought I would or could.”

Fast for­ward to today, and my whole vision has shuffled, largely because of my blog. Sim­ply put, blog­ging about my life has transformed my relationship to it. It’s gone from being a source of happiness and difficulty to being my sub­ject. Blogging motivates me to get things done. The desire for valuable content encourages me to move forward in my various projects every single day.  I am 100% positive that I have been more productive in the last couple of months than ever before.  I start to see what it has to teach me and how, in shar­ing it, I can maybe even help others. Today and every day, I am thankful for my blog and my dearest readers.

Cheers to three years! <3

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What I’m Wearing?

Floral leggings from Betty, Oversized knit sweater & Sunglasses from Folded&Hung, Sandals from Parisian, Tote bag from Givenchy, Gold watch from Parfois

(Photo by April J.)

This is what I wore to school today. Took care of my clearance and other school stuff. Just a simple and comfy outfit on a lazy hazy crazy day. Oh and yeah, I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing hahaha loljk! Sorry for neglecting this blog, I’ve been pretty much busy with life. I promise to get back on track this sembreak. More fashion friday post and paintings! :)

Have a lovely night y’all!


Last saturday’s event was beyond awesome! A big thank you to all the hard working people behind the Unity in Fashion, to Sir Allen Castillo (Owner of the House of Mode Elle) who trained me, to all the designers (especially Sir Dave Ocampo, Sir Xioti Chiu, Sir Manny Halasan and Sir Vince Sityar). It’s an honor to wear one of your wonderful designs. To the models I’ve made friends with. And most of all, thank you Lord :)) I am forever grateful <3

Btw, it’s my first time to walk in a legit fashion show and i’m really loving all the feedback from my co-models, from the photographers and especially from the designers!!! One of them even told me, “First time mo pala ‘to? Para ka ng pro maglakad" ahihihihi sooo kilig! lol. And another highlight of the night was that I am the one who open the show for the collection of Sir Dave and Sir Xioti then I also close the show for Sir Vince and Sir Manny’s collection :))) Woohoo! Hashtag super duper happy. Now, let the photos do the talking!


Designer: Sir Vince Sityar


Designer: Sir Xioti Chiu


Designer: Sir Manny Halasan


MODA Collection by Sir Dave Ocampo

(Photos by Noemie A.)

Hey guys! I&#8217;m back! Apologies for being MIA for a month. I&#8217;ve been pretty busy with school stuff, student leader duties, photography and painting commissioned works and modeling. I know, busy life is busy!!! I&#8217;m fulfilled and happy though :) For now, here&#8217;s a photo of myself haha.
Hope everyone&#8217;s doing good! Have a lovely night &lt;3

Hey guys! I’m back! Apologies for being MIA for a month. I’ve been pretty busy with school stuff, student leader duties, photography and painting commissioned works and modeling. I know, busy life is busy!!! I’m fulfilled and happy though :) For now, here’s a photo of myself haha.

Hope everyone’s doing good! Have a lovely night <3

INTERGALACTIC by Drei S. (081813)

More of my paintings/drawings here.

LUST DISGUISED AS LOVE by Drei S. (080813)

More of my paintings/drawings here.

Hello! Im Drei from Manila and im twenteen.
I love to take photos, I love anything about fashion and I love to draw/sketch faces. In this blog, you'll find some of my works I've made in my free hours. Have a look around and hopefully you will enjoy what you see.

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