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An elemental ghostly chill haunts Happy Andrada’s “Apparition” collection. She derives her sepulchral white drama from her dark dreams and ethereal encounters with souls and spirits weaving in and out of her reality, blurring lines between lace, organza, cotton and tulle. There is a certain icy sweetness to her collection’s tainted purity. The sacrificial virgin, the scorned lover, the wandering muse, the mourning mother - all form mystifying silhouettes brought by intricate cuts, dyes, appliques braiding and looping. (got this from Happy Andrada’s promotional leaflet)

Need I say more? Happy’s designs were the best out of all the collection under the Visions & Trends segment of the fashion week that’s why I made a separate blog post just for it. I think she should have a solo show ‘cause her designs were really amazing and unique. O well, hopefully next time :)


All photos taken by ME.

Hello! Im Drei from Manila and im twenteen.
I love to take photos, I love anything about fashion and I love to draw/sketch faces. In this blog, you'll find some of my works I've made in my free hours. Have a look around and hopefully you will enjoy what you see.

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