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DUBAI DEC 2010 - FEB 2011 (PART TWO)

I’m currently missing Dubai thus making this post. Well to tell you honestly, few weeks back I am on a state of being too much stressed that I felt like I don’t want to study anymore and just want to go to my parents in Dubai. I’m thinking of living there with my parents and finish my college there but I know that it is way too impossible. Alam mo yun! ang sarap lang kasi ng buhay dun. especially andun parents ko plus my sister. Ugh! there are so many things running through my mind lately. Maybe because I’m so over stressed with school then add it all up with so many annoying things here at home. *ang sakit sa BRAIN!!! Oh well! that’s life. But I’m glad that everything’s good now, I guess I just really need a break. Anyway, hope you’ll all enjoy the photos (all taken by me, except for the photos where I am there which my momsy/popsy took).

PS: click here for more of my photos in Dubai. and or click here to view my other trips.


Burj Khalifa aka The tallest building in the world!


view from our window. oh i miss!


St. Mary’s Church along Oud Metha Road. I miss Fr. Tomasito, super the best maghomily <3




perfect jump shot ever! take note 10 times muna sila nagjump shot bago makuha to hahaha. hello popsy & momsy!


This was taken after our awesome tour at At the Top Burj Khalifa. Assia in Wok = Super Yummy Food!


holding hands while walking. kiligs!!! /brb lol-ing forever.


I was so amazed when I saw this potato chips on a stick! I thought whoever invented this was a genius. My Pops actually said "magandang business to ah! wala pa nito sa pinas", then a month later when I came back here I saw a stand selling the same thing. Sayang! lol.


aww, i miss C7! :( Every after attending the friday mass (friday is the sunday of filipinos in dubai) we ride the number C7 bus. It maybe the longest route but we love it :)


Goodbye, Dubai! :/


DUBAI DEC 2010 - FEB 2011

It’s already been 2 months since I came back here in Manila. And God knows how I badly miss Dubai, my parents, the kids (Khalel & Miguel), my family and friends, the food (most especially Al Farooj chicken shawarma *ahhh~ mashita!*), the places, the people, everything. Oh how I wish I could go back there real soon.

On a slightly related note, we’re going on a trip this coming week to Hongkong and hopefully in Macau too. Jeez! i’m so excited! watch out for the photos & videos.


Want to see more photos from my trip in Dubai? Just click the ’travel and shoot’ link on my navigation bar.



Al Muteena, Deira Dubai. The city were we live, well my parents rather.


Buildings along Sheikh Zayed Road


The famous Dubai Fountain at the center of Downtown Dubai.


Thousands of people from different countries (Arabs, Indians, Filipinos, British, Russians, Americans, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese etc.) gathered in Dubai Mall to watch the awesome dancing fountain.


We rode the water taxi to reach the other side of Bur Dubai, where there is Night Souq. Night Souq is a place for leisure night out of entertainment, dining, music and loads of shopping.


they are the local Arabs who stayed along the street of Bur Dubai during DSF to entertain people by showcasing their Camel & UAE’s national bird, Falcon.


All the photos were taken during DSF 2011 (Dubai Shopping Festival).




Sorry for all the photo spamming. Its just that I want to post all the photos taken last week, they might rot any time soon. Anyway, Had the best amazingly awesome day ever last saturday with my parents. Went to At The Top, Burj Khalifa which is currently  the tallest building in the world (823 meters). It has 163 habitable floors plus 46 maintenance levels in the spire and 2 parking levels in the basement (according to wikipedia). We were on the 124th floor. The view is so amazing, all the tall buildings in Sheikh Zayed road that we used to passed look so small. And the cars! they’re so tiny they looked like toy cars. To see what I mean, here’s a few photos.

imageimageimageimage image  imageimageimageimage

Gold to go! if you want a Gold then you can buy here!

imageimage   imageimageimageimageimageimage   image

Behind me is the miniature of the iconic building, Burj Khalifa.




Photos taken last friday, Feb 18.


Went on a little road trip last thursday night. We went to the 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab (of course not inside the hotel! just near the place to take some decent photos) and then went to Atlantis in Palm Jumeirah. The place was wicked! just so you know, Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago and is in the shape of a palm tree. How cool is that?

 Anyways, here’s a few photos taken that night.


I also saw many luxury cars along Jumeirah road (Jumeirah=Beverly Hills)! O_O halos lumuwa na ang mga mata ko sa sobrang ganda at dami nang mga mamahaling kotse. Seriously.


PS: Sorry for spamming!


Wafi City is a mixed-use development in Dubai, UAE. The complex includes a mall, hotel, restaurants, residences, and a nightclub. The “city” is styled after Ancient Egypt. This themed environment includes columns reminiscent of Karnak, small pyramids, and images of pharaohs. All the walls are the color of the light brown stone that can be found on all structures in Ancient Egypt.

-via Wikipedia


Another awesome place :)

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